Affect Vs. Effect

MOST of the time:

Affect is a verb and it is describing something done to you.

Effect is a noun and it is describing the outcome of something that has been done.


  • The news affected her dramatically.
  • The effect of the news was dramatic.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.26.45 AM.png

Quiz time:

To have the most _________, you should know both your strengths and your weaknesses well.

I did not know that antibiotics could ________ people so quickly.



Sometimes, affect is a noun. Affect as a noun means feeling, emotion, or specific emotional response. This is usually used in psychological contexts.

  • Example: The patient had a flat affect.
  • Example: Understanding more about the primary innate affects and the plasticity of the brain has important clinical implications.

Sometimes, effect is a verb. It means to bring about change. It usually shows up with nouns like “change” or “solutions.”

  • Example: The school’s new policy effected a turnaround in its dropout rate.
  • Example: The protestors wanted to effect change in the corrupt government

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